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MuVIM the modern museum in Valencia

If you like modern art in Valencia you can find two modern museums. MuVIM and IVAM. Im this museums you can see art, installations, exhibitions, listen live music and watch independent films.


The Valencian Museum of the Illustration and of the Modernity was inaugurated in July, 2001. It is a work of the architect Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra and is a prize of architecture. It is placed in the downtown of Valencia – in the gardens of the Library of the former Hospital-, and the building constitutes one of the most excellent examples of the contemporary Valencian architecture.



The building allows to the visitor to estimate the game of the light on three basic materials: concrete, glass and steel; that interact in a permanent dialog between the interior and the exterior, the emptiness and the arrangement of the space, the continuities and the constructive links. Solved always of form esencialista, clear and simple. There treats itself, in words of the own architect, of a building ” that moves to half a way between his condition of object ensimismado, of isolated appliance, of pavilion in the park determined by his program of uses and his will to accept an active paper in the requalification of his urban environment “.


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