One day journey to Sierra Calderona!

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June 20, 2013
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June 25, 2013
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One day journey to Sierra Calderona!

If you a little bit boring about night life, beers and beaches we can recommend you nice alternative – one day journey to Sierra Calderona.

Serra Calderona  is a 49 km (30 mi) long mountain range in the Camp de Túria, Horta Nord and Alt Palància comarcas of the Valencian Community, between the provinces of Castelló and Valencia Spain.

sierra 1

This moderately high range is an eastern prolongation of the Sierra de Javalambre. Its highest point is El Gorgo (907 m). Other important summits are Muntanya del Garbí (600 m) and El Puntal de l’ Abella (635 m).

The range was formerly known as Monts de Porta Coeli, after the Carthusian Monastery of Porta Coeli located in the mountains. The name Calderona originated in the seventeenth century when a woman known as María Calderón “La Calderona”, one of the favourite mistresses of King Philip IV of Spain, hid in these mountains among the highwaymen.

This daily journey is highly recommended to nature lovers.

How to get destination?  

1. Firstable you need got a metro Colon-Betera ( the during of journey is 36 min aprox)

2. You need got a bus Bétera-Náquera-Serra ( your destination is Serra: the during is 15 min aprox )

Anyway if you have some questions you can ask stuff in hostels.

[youtube G18B-Xkhb8g]

Have a  fun!!!!!!!:)


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