Some Interesting Facts About Spain

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Fun Facts Spain

– Spaniards are the most enthusiastic radio listeners in Europe.

– The Spaniards have a completely different life rythmn from other Europeans. They typically have lunch between 1 and 3 pm, dinner around 10 pm, and rarely sleep before the early hours of the night. Prime time TV in Spain starts at 10 pm and lasts until 1 am. Likewise the peak for radio listening in the morning is around 10 am.

– Spanish-speaking cultures have been very propitious for the development of new dance styles, such as Flamenco (inspired by Andalusian, Islamic, Sephardic, and Gypsy cultures), Merengue (Hispano-African), Salsa, Mambo and Cha-cha-cha (African and Cuban), Rumba (African, Amerindian and Spanish), etc.

– Spain has 4,964 km of coastline:)

– Cost of life in Spain is not very expensive. You can eat, move across the country or book a hotel at a reasonable price. There are differences around the country, but it’s generally cheaper than other European countries as UK or France.

– When a man meets a girl in Spain, it’s usual either to extend the hand or to exchange a pair of kisses, even in a business meetings too. The Spanish culture says that the man must offer two kisses (just two, only one is considered familiar and more than two, excessive).


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