The Oceanogràfic

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The Oceanogràfic

The Oceanogràfic of the City of Arts and Sciences is the largest aquarium in Europe. Each building is identified with the following aquatic environments: the Mediterranean, Wetlands, Temperate and Tropical Seas, Oceans, the Antarctic, the Arctic, Islands, and the Red Sea, as well as the Dolphinarium with 24 million litres of water and a depth of 10.5 metres.

Since they were first opened in 2003, more than 13 million people have visited these installations, which are also the venue throughout the year for numerous informative activities, series of lectures, exhibitions on various subjects, and congresses and courses, without forgetting the research projects and the bioeducational workshops which were set up from the outset in collaboration with universities and both Spanish and international scientific bodies.

The Oceanogràfic of the City of Arts and Sciences is thus conceived as a nature reserve and at the same time as a scientific and dissemination centre. Its objective is to recover protected animal and plant species and to spread among its visitors an educational and recreational message so as to encourage the conservation of and respect for the environment, and at the same time to develop specific research programmes on the sciences of the sea and its inhabitants.

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Opinions from

Winne 1500: “L’Oceanogràfic is a marine complex where different marine habitats are represented. It is integrated inside a complex known as the City of Arts and Sciences inside the city of Valencia, Spain. The Oceanogràfic features the largest aquarium tank in Europe and houses more than 45,000 marine creatures. They populate nine under water towers, structured on two levels that represent several marine ecosystems. Two underwater towers are joined by a 35 meter underwater tunnel and it’s tank is filled with sharks, rays and 7 million liters (1,85 million gallon) of water”

SRK99: “Nicelly put together and a lot of animals to see. Sharks and tropical fish, educational point of view, lots of suvenir shops, restaurants and beatiful nature”

amandar044: “We enjoyed our trip here, you don’t need a full day though.Good dolphin show, go early to get good seats and sit near the front. Penguins were good to see”

[youtube FCpn4aDvD58 600 400]




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